Research on Human Pheromones


Some research has shown that women prefer the sense of men who are more genetically dissimilar to them despite these studies, uh, the role of pheromones and human behavior has remained controversial and not just because it’s mostly about sex.

Here, I’ll detail out some of the theoretical, methodological and physical complications surrounding pheromone research and its findings.

Pheromones in Animals

One of the main concerns about extending the concept of pheromones to mammals and humans is insect behavior. While being complex in its own right, is generally thought to be quite simple and reflexive.

In mammalian behavior, especially human behavior, this is not so much. The neurobiology of humans is far more complex with the introduction of the cortex and human behavior. Social behavior is dependent on things like content development, internal states, and the immensely complicated molecular cascades, and past learning.

What this means is that describing human behaviors either switched on or switched off by some single chemical factor is inaccurate and misleading. To give an example, you might hear testosterone makes you more aggressive, but the more nuanced and complicated truth is that testosterone can lead to increased aggression given a number of other factors that are also present.

Some chemical like low cortisol and low serotonin, some environmental like frustrating circumstances, some social like the presence of a threatening person.

Some are based on learning and past experiences somewhat internal states like motivation and emotion. In chemical signaling between two individuals, whether a chemical causes a behavioral change relies just as much on the receiver as it does on the center. Learn more at

Pheromone Research in Humans

pheromones in humansUnfortunately, one thing that plagues pheromone research is a terrible, terrible study design and methodology. Many studies lack control substances or control subjects to compare their effects to, some have low sample sizes, and most don’t control for environmental confounding factors or variables.

For example, in many studies where you give pheromones to couples to examine changes in arousal or menstrual timing, they fail to control for attractiveness levels of intimacy, social cues, and some don’t even have objective measurements. They just rely on self-report. Even worse, oftentimes there’s no identifiable chemical involved.

It’s just getting people to smell each other’s sweaty clothes. On top of this, most studies have never successfully been replicated and that’s a big problem. What about all the work I just described a few minutes ago? Well, the work on menstrual synchrony has been extensively criticized for poor methodology and an inability to control for potentially confounding variables as well as the fact that there’s probably more studies that exist showing that it doesn’t work than studies there are showing that it does work. Learn more at

Because of all these issues, even if human pheromones were real and unconsciously influencing our social and sexual lives the past 40 years of research has done very little in the way of proving it. However, recommendations to fix this problem can be found here.


There are several studies that indicate that large chunks of the human population either have a vestigial VNO, meaning it’s present, but not functioning or don’t even have a VNO at all. Above this, there’s little evidence indicating that the receptors of the human VNO are active and above that whether the human VNO is even functionally connected to anything else in the brain.

The VNO was thought to be the main pheromone receptor organ of the body and while you can surgically remove it in animals, you can’t do that in people and so proving that it does, in fact, respond to pheromones and people is difficult if not ethically impossible. This has led many to speculate that if pheromones do work in humans, that the other work through the neuroepithelium also located in the nose or through some other yet to be defined pathway.


So in conclusion, if pheromones do work in humans, there used to be limited and variable in effect given the large list of other factors that influence behavior. At the current moment, there’s a huge lack of consistent evidence on their effects and there’s no distinct neurobiology and humans that have been outlined. So the role of pheromones and human behavior is speculative at best and controversial at worst.

Fast Size Penis Extender Review

Fast Size

Fast Size is a penis enlargement product originally developed for the treatment of Peyronie’s Disease. Such a condition is characterized with severe curvature of the penis. This problem is known to be painful physically and known for treating erectile dysfunction issues in men. How does such a disease develop? Basically, it derives from the buildup of plaque in the blood vessels of the penis.

The Fast Size device has been clinically researched and developed to treat this problematic disease. In fact, when you wear it on a daily basis for upwards of 8 hours a day for up to 6 months, the disease will eventually be cured.

Through the course of such research, it has also been discovered that when wearing the device for about six weeks, a man will be able to enlarge his penis permanently. This is done without any dangerous surgical procedures of the use of ineffective creams.

How It Works

Fast Size is fitted onto the penis so that it can gently press on the glands stretching the penis in a slight manner. The device will then be worn for the duration of the day in order to achieve the fastest results. The device is not all bulky and may be worn under most normal sized clothing. Tight fitting jeans and their ilk are best avoided while wearing the Fast Size device.

The research on the exact mechanisms utilized in the enlargement process is still underway. It is generally believed that the device is most successful with stretching and breaking down the muscle tissue of the penis.

Such a process will lead to the body repairing and building up the muscle tissue. Is this principle any different from the one that is employed by professional bodybuilders and other athletes to develop their bodies? No, it is not. The muscle tissue is broken down via workouts and then the body will rebuild such tissue to make it stronger and bigger than it was previously.


If this device is worn all throughout the day (approximately eight hours) without fail for ten to twelve weeks, it will enhance male size by approximately a half inch in length in length and approximately quarter inch in girth increase. Of course, results will vary based on genetic disposition and there are some men that will start experiencing results a lot sooner than other customers.

The product claims to be the only device universally backed by a medical establishment among the doctors and researchers that have examined it. Fast Size has undergone clinical research and has become medically endorsed.

Most penis enhancement products and procedures really fail to deliver on intended results. However, Fast Size does have the ability to deliver. If you are a man that suffers from ED or may have a lack of confidence about penis size, Fast Size could be the long-awaited “miracle cure”. Learn more at


If you are looking for a high-quality extender then FastSize might be the product you are looking for. FastSize has been recognized as the leader in penis extenders by many in this industry.

It has been proven to enlarge a man’s penis and with its CE certification, it has the documents to prove it. The main way to increase penis size is to cause the tissues to regenerate and multiply. This extender is effective in applying a constant stretch to the penis while being done as gently as possible. The end result is increased tissue size and blood flow capacity. Learn more at

If used every day you will begin to see a longer and thicker penis. You check out the clinical proof here. There is no doubt the results are real and the FastSize Extender has the backing of the top urology doctors.

Andropenis Andro Extender Review

Andro Penis Extender

The Andropenis Andro Extender is a line of penis enlargers sold by Andromedical. In business for over 10 years, the Madrid based urological laboratory sells its products in over a hundred countries around the world. They claim to have over 250,000 satisfied customers who have been able to defeat a small penis size and get a more satisfying sexual life by using the device.

The Andropenis Androextender is the most affordable penis extender sold by Andromedical. The device uses light-weight medical materials and is designed for men new to penis extender devices.

About Extenders

There are many different penis enlargements and penis enhancing products on the market, some offer long-term and permanent penis enlargement, whilst others offer a fuller, harder and slightly enlarged penis that is temporary. Deciding on which course of penis enlargement and penis enhancing products is right for you depends on if you are wanting short-term penis enhancement, or permanent penis enlargement and enhancement.


Like most top-quality penis enlargers the Andropenis Andro Extender is comfortable to wear and can be worn when sitting, bending, walking or while engaged in light activities. A slight amount of discomfort can be experienced in men not used to using such a device, usually; removing the device for a while or messaging the area is enough to mitigate the discomfort.


There is just no getting around the fact that penis traction devices are not designed to work overnight. They are also not going to be of much use if they are rarely taken out of the box and only worn sporadically. To get the results they want, men will have to commit to following a daily schedule of use. Wearing the device for up to 10 hours a day will get the quickest results; it will usually take between 4 to 8 months for most men to get the size and girth increases they are looking for.

The Andropenis Andro Extender starts delivering results after only 6 weeks of use. Men are directed to wear the device at least 4 hours a day but can wear the device for twice as long each day and take breaks as needed. An increase in thickness is usually visible first while an increase in length in both flaccid and erect states will soon occur.

On average, man experience increases of 0.2 inches with each month of use. In total men can gain over 1.6 inches in length and 0.6 inches in girth.

Clinical Studies

The key to a penis enlarger’s effectiveness is not the number of testimonials that the product features on its own website or statements from the company guaranteeing incredible increases in penis size. The truth of the product’s legitimacy is if it is recommended and backed up by legitimate medical professionals, talked about in medical literature and performs well in clinical studies.

The Andropenis Andro Extender has gone through a number of clinical trials and has studies published in multiple international medical publications. An article in the British Journal of Urology International stated that penile enlargers were a minimally invasive and effective treatment option for improving penis length.

Another study by the 10th Congress of the European Society for Sexual Medicine (ESSM) studied over 40 men using the Andropenis Andro Extender and hormonal therapy for a 6-month period. The study proved that using the penile extender along with hormone therapy provided greater results than just the use of hormone therapy. Information published in the 1st Virtual Sexology and Hispanoamerican Sexual Education Congress concluded that using an external penis stimulating device lead to a larger penis in either a flaccid or erect state.


Multiple clinical studies, a quarter-of-a-million satisfied male users and the products incredible reputation makes the Andropenis Andro Extender worth the price. Andromedical offers product support and the product has been rated as about 98% effective. The inclusion of a 60-day money back guarantee also makes the extender worth looking into. Learn more about extenders at

Euro Extender Review

Euro Extender

One of the cheapest and easiest wear-on devices, the Euro Extender is perhaps the best way to help you extend your penis without much discomfort. A smart penis extender, the Euro Extender comes with a comfort strap that allows the wearer to use it for a longer duration of periods and in consequence, better results as well!


The Euro Extender is a penis enlargement product that is comprised of a medically designed traction device to elongate the penis. Produced in Canada, the Euro Extender kit includes a penis traction device, 2 extension bars, extra tension springs, adjustable comfort strap, and more.

It is backed by a 6 month 100% satisfaction guarantee. Results are achieved by increasing the tension throughout the use of tension springs over an extended period of time to stimulate tissue growth.

How It Works

The Euro Extender system accomplishes penis enlargement in three stages:

  • The Euro Extender works by applying a small amount of stress to the skin tissue to expand the interior cavities of the penis. The device is to be worn throughout the day over a period of months to achieve permanent, lasting results.
  • The tissue will be repeatedly broken down and then repaired by the body over time. The end result is a longer and thicker penis.
  • To enhance erection, the male enlargement pill Sirex is used to increase blood circulation, boost testosterone levels, and improve confidence in the bedroom.
  • Penile exercises are used to improve sexual stamina to make the skin cells more elastic for increased growth.

It should be noted that Sirex is used for increased libido and stronger erections. It will not permanently increase the penis size. There may be some slight discomfort wearing the device for the first day or two. This is normal and normally goes away within a few days. The Euro Extender uses a silicon noose to grip and stretch the penis which is why some tugging discomfort is initially felt.

Unlike Size Genetics, Euro Extender does not have the more superior comfort mechanism design which results in a perfect fit and allows you to wear the device with ease all day. For most users this is not an issue or concern as many users have reported excellent results with Euro Extender and satisfactory comfort.

It’s no secret that continuously-maintained gripping and stretching will make your penis grow longer and thicker. In addition, continued use will stimulate blood flow which can yield enhanced health and performance with the penis.

What can you expect from the Euro Extender?

The Euro Extender is a silicone-based penis extender device that comes with a 1-inch thick strap that helps to minimize pressure on your penis as compared to the standard noose varieties. You could just wear it and sleep throughout the night without feeling any kind of discomfort at all. Learn more at

The Euro Extender is a fully assembled extender with a super-comfort strap that comes along with a cd, instruction manual, comfort pad, and a lifetime guarantee as well. You could choose from one of the two options for Euro Extender – the regular basic model and the gold model which comes with lots of spare parts as well. Classified as a type 1 medical device, the Euro Extender is used by doctors to even help those who undergo penis surgeries to help them with the easier lengthening of their organ.

Benefits of the Euro Extender

The wide straps that come with the Euro Extender traction device help to reduce the pressure on your penis and bring in more comfort for long duration use.

  • This is a high-quality product that when compared to other standard penis extenders are quite cheaply priced.
  • It is an ideal device for those who want a longer penis and yet have very little time to wear it for longer durations. They can easily use it all through the night.
  • It comes with a lifetime guarantee which means that you really get much more than what you pay for.
  • You can expect your penis to grow by nearly 30% within six months of standard wear.
  • It also helps to improve your sexual stamina and drive as well as improves your erection quality.
  • It increases your penis size by nearly 3 inches and also helps in correcting penile curvature.
  • On choosing the gold option, you get a bonus set of pills that can help you to enhance your results. Apart from that, you get a DVD and a male health exercise e-book as well.

There are perhaps very few men who would not want a bigger penis and you can get just that by using the highly developed Euro Extender device. The reviews available from users are very encouraging.

Clinical Studies

Euro Extender was featured in a recent clinical study conducted on men aged 18-34 and 38-85 with over 2000 men as part of the sample. Of the results, the average increase in length was 33% and 35% increase in girth, respectively. The results achieved during the study were considered to be permanent, and there was no loss of any penis size gained.

Euro Extender has received mostly positive reviews from users. Although there may be a slight discomfort for some users the first few days of use, a majority have experienced size gains in as little as 8 weeks. The Euro Extender is recommended to be used by any man that is dealing with confidence issues due to small penis size or is dealing with libido or erection issues that make him self-conscious.

Euro Extender is less expensive than the highly rated Pro Extender system but does not include the added advantage of Vigrx Plus – an all natural penis supplement pill that helps increase blood flow to increase erection size nor does it have the superior comfort and fit of the Size Genetics system.

Regardless, results obtained with just the extender have satisfied a majority of users with gains in some cases up to 3 inches. If your serious about have a big penis and don’t need the added benefits of penis supplements than Euro Extender is an excellent choice.


Since the amount of length you gain is equivalent to the duration you use such devices,it would be your best choice for its ability to be worn for long periods of duration. Euro Extender has sensibly used the ‘principle of traction’ to enable men to have a bright healthy sex life without the usual discomforts of extender devices according to

Euro Extender is THE most efficient way towards penis enlargement – without setting foot in a doctor’s office! You don’t need to consult with anyone, simply make a discreet order from us, and in the privacy of your own home, you will be working your way towards a larger penis!

Ultimate Stretcher Review

Ultimate Stretcher

Have you always been fascinated with the thrill of exciting your partner with a larger, harder and throbbing penis? Well till early days, it was impossible to get such effects.

However, now as times have changed, so have the advancements in science and technology. Today, the Ultimate Stretcher can get you your desired length and thickness for your penis with really simple efforts.


The Ultimate Stretcher is a top quality traction device that over time can physically stretch and enlarge the tissues of your penis. The device is sent to you in a luxury black leather case along with all the parts. This clinically proven medical device comes with a 6 month 100% money back offer. Apart from this, you can get a professional instruction manual, 24/7 customer support, and spare parts worth $180.

Ultimate Stretcher is the actual standard Andro Penis Stretcher that is one of the leading brand names in the US. The Ultimate Stretcher is a whooping 66% cheaper than most similar traction devices available in the market according to

This is one of the cheapest medical devices you can find in the market today that is guaranteed to give you results.

Also, its medical backing up gives your assurance that the product is 100% safe and healthy to use. Classified as a type 1 medical device and carrying the CE safety mark, this one is worth investing in for average users.

How it Works

The Ultimate Stretcher works by stretching the penis for prolonged periods of time. This causes the cells in your penis to split and causing new cells to generate results in a larger penis. The process is simple, painless and comfortable. The results are permanent and will not reverse. Once you have achieved your desired length and girth, you should stop using the device.

This system is a very affordable and effective option compared to other alternatives such as surgery, vacuum pumps, penis pills (these have the lowest level of effectiveness) and others. The Ultimate Stretcher adds inches to both length and girth and has many success stories.

How to use Ultimate Stretcher

It is necessary to wear this device only for 10 hours maximum per day. In fact, it would be better to progressively increase the time you wear the Ultimate Stretcher since its wrong use could end up hurting you badly. Remember that this device is used to only lengthen the penis, not solve medical issues like treating erectile dysfunction.

  • Benefits of the Ultimate Stretcher
  • Ultimate Stretcher is a cheap device by all means. You can get the same high-quality product at absolutely great prices that fit into your budget.
  • Ultimate Stretcher will give you increased inches in length as well as girth for your penis with regular and consistent use
  • Ultimate Stretcher helps you to correct any abnormal curves in your penis and Peyronie’s.
  • Ultimate Stretcher provides you with more confidence and a more fulfilling sexual life.
  • Ultimate Stretcher is easy to wear and you can wear it anywhere at any time.

A common concern with using mechanical devices is the embarrassment associated with it. Ultimate Stretcher is free of all such problems. You can wear it anywhere, any time. Even if you wear boxers, nobody will be able to notice that you have worn the Ultimate Stretcher. In fact, boxers would only help you to keep it close to the body. Learn more at

Side Effects

The device is classified as a medical type 1 device and carries the CE stamp. The device was rigorously tested for safety and no safety issues were found. There have been no known issues reported by thousands of users who have used the device.

How To Buy

The Ultimate Stretcher cannot be found at stores or other sites. To get the 100% Money back guarantee and up to 65% off please click here for this limited promotion. The system is shipped around the world and will arrive very discreetly via mail.


A good long penis is a sure delight for most lovers and the ecstasy it can arouse in your partner could be really worth the time, money and effort you are going to put in for yourself with the Ultimate Stretcher.

The Ultimate Stretcher penis enlargement system is one of the best penis enlargement kit available out there. The whole set package is packed with all the things you’ll need to successfully enlarge your penis, items such as The Ultimate Stretcher device itself, manuals, instruction DVD, online forum access, The Ultimate Stretcher spare parts and much more.

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