An Overview of Jelqing

Jelqing 101

Jelq is a common practice used by men in order to help stimulate greater penis size, girth, and fullness. With natural efforts and exercises, it has helped men around the world achieve greater penis enhancement benefits and results.

Reportedly developed in the Middle East, Jelq has been said to help men throughout history experience a penis enlargement benefit of several inches without any harmful or detrimental side effects.

How Does it Work?

The Jelq technique is a term to define a set of exercises that allow the penis to naturally grow and become bigger. The main purpose of the Jelq exercises is to allow the penis to receive a greater amount of blood flow to essential cells and regions.

As the penis is more open to blood flow, the corpora cavernosa, which is a spongy tissue that makes up the majority of the penis, is more open to exercises that involve expanding and stretching the penis tissues.

To stretch and enlarge the penis, men simply simulate a “milking” movement on the penis, gently pulling so that tissues are stretched while cells are forced to multiply. As this occurs, the multiplication of the cells gradually results in an overall larger and fuller penis size.

Results from Jelq efforts should be noticeable in just one month of daily exercise. These efforts can be continued for several months to continually experience benefits. Learn more at

Specific Guidelines

To engage in Jelq efforts effectively, men should specifically follow direct Jelq instructions. Jelq exercises generally include:

  • Apply a lubricant, such as a sexual lubricant or baby oil, to the penis and hands
  • The penis should be semi-erect prior to Jelq exercises
  • Using the thumb and forefinger, firmly grip the penis
  • Begin using a “milking” motion towards the end of the penis, similar to how one would milk a cow/udder
  • When the “milking” hand reaches the penis’ head, begin the same “milking” motion with the opposite hand
  • Do not allow either hand to “milk” the head of the penis
  • Both hands should be alternately used during this exercise to create a continuous “milking” motion
  • Men should engage in this exercise at a pace of around 100 strokes every five minutes during the first week, and should not perform more than 100 Jelq strokes in one day
  • In the second week of Jelq exercise, men should perform 200 Jelq strokes each day, moving up each week by 100 strokes
  • Ultimately, men should try to engage in a maximum of 500 Jelq strokes each day during the fifth week, although exercises can be continued beyond this timeline if one desires greater results

Cautions for Exercises

Although the exercises have been shown to be safe and effective, men should adhere to strict cautions / precautionary efforts:

  • Always warm up prior to exercise
  • Do not squeeze too hard during exercises
  • Never exercise with a fully erect penis
  • Always warm down after exercise is complete

Jelq exercises are popular methods to naturally enhance the length and girth of one’s penis. Typically, when engaging in Jelq exercises, men perform warm-up routines followed by approximately 5 to 10 minutes of a “milking” tension to one’s penis using the hands.

Similar to this Jelq technique, Jelq and Hold also provide men with penis enhancing benefits using modified exercises.

What are the Jelq and Hold Exercises?

These exercises involve massaging motions that help enhance the size of a man’s penis. To engage in Jelq and Hold exercises, men should follow specific instructions:

  • Begin with a message of the penis so that a semi-erection state develops
  • Apply lubricant to the penis and hands
  • Using the hands, grab the penis and pull in a downward direction, towards the head region of the penis. The firmness of this pulling sensation should be very hard; however, it should not cause significant pain or injury.
  • Continue pulling the hands down the shaft of the penis; if the hand automatically stops upon reaching the head of the penis, then the pressure and firmness of the grasp is probably accurate.
  • When one reaches the head of the penis, one should maintain their firm hold at the head for about 15 seconds, as the opposite hand stimulates a “milking” sensation over the head of the penis.
  • Continue to hold the penis and engage in the “milking” movement for another 15 seconds.
  • Followed by this series of movements, men should then reach their hand to the base of the penis, and continue by stroking their penis upwards, towards the testicular region, until the hands once again in the starting position. This movement should only take around 3 seconds.
  • The lubricant can be continually applied as men repeat the pulling, milking, and holding sensations several times (repeat as needed).

How Do Jelq and Hold Exercises Work?

According to studies, these exercises have been used for hundreds of years to naturally enhance the size of one’s penis. As investigations reveal, the Jelq and Jelq and Hold exercises help stimulate enhanced results as these pulling and milking sensations help deliver greater amounts of blood flow to the penis. As the penis receives a greater blood flow, the stretching sensations also force cells to multiply. With both of these reactions, the penis naturally begins to expand and grow.

To experience benefits, men are encouraged to engage in exercises for several weeks and/or months. The time that one should devote to these exercises depends upon the results that one desires to achieve.

To ensure that injury is avoided, men should always warm up their penis region prior to exercising, as they should also engage in warm down practices as well. By using caution and following specific guidelines and safety instructions, men should be able to enjoy natural enhancement benefits with minimal discomfort.

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