Aqua Vitae Pheromone Review

Aqua Vitae

Aqua Vitae is such a great pheromone product. You’d think it was made especially for seduction by Adonis himself. I’m not exaggerating about it either. Aqua is one of the most sexually intense pheromones on the market.

About Aqua Vitae

Just use it about six to eight hours and you will see what I’m talking about. You’ll feel like Tom Cruise or Brad Pitt. Have you ever want to live life like a movie star? Do you want women to throw themselves at you when you’re walking down the street? If you’re looking for a pheromone cologne that can provide these types of feelings in not only yourself but in others too, Aqua Vitae is the one for you.

Turn into an alpha male and conquer your kingdom of women. Aqua Vitae makes others think of the wearer as a dominant, aggressive and confident male. This is because it contains one of the most aggressive pheromones ever known, which is androstenone. This one pheromone is known to enhance the sexual intensity and boost the wearer’s status.

Just spritz a couple of drops on your chest. Women will adore you, and men will be in total awe of you. You’ll turn into the most popular man in the room.

Get used to it. Wear Aqua Vitae and you’ll always be the center of attention.

Aqua Vitae: Powerful, Sexual Magnetism

This amazing cologne contains a total of 7 pheromones that are blended perfectly to help you achieve the right amount of power and sexuality. But it is tempered enough so that others see you as a trustworthy, friendly and popular man. Even men will see your value.

But be forewarned. Aqua Vitae is very powerful. Unfortunately, it tends to intimidate some people. But if your game is tight, you can use this to your advantage. You’ll have no problems if you are confident, sociable and prepared. Learn more at

Brush up on your seduction game because you’ll go to play hard. Keep in mind Aqua Vitae will affect both the men and women around you. You’ll discover other men will want your respect. They’ll do things to impress you. But don’t focus on them. You bought Aqua Vitae to impress the ladies. Right? Yeah, you want to impress them enough so that they’ll fall right onto your bed.

Super Seductive Pheromone Cologne

Now, this is why Aqua Vitae is so effective. If the gods wore cologne, they would purchase Aqua Vitae because of its power and effectiveness. But you’re only human, which means you need something to work in your favor. You need your seduction game to be tight.

You came to play, and Aqua Vitae lets women know exactly what you’re looking for. You don’t have to say a word or do a thing. Even if women are in a far corner talking amongst themselves, they’ll turn and look at you when you walk past them. Take advantage of the moment and introduce yourself. You’re a powerful and sexy man who knows what he wants, and they’ll be able to pick up on this vibe. See how it stacks up to the competition at

If you aren’t used to being the alpha male in the room, then give it some time. You’ll get accustomed to it. Just soak up all the attention. Eventually, you’ll get comfortable enough to start conversations with beautiful women on your own. Keep in mind, they are admirers. Taking this step should be easier as a result of using Aqua Vitae.


The following are just a few of things to consider before purchasing Aqua Vitae:

Understand that Aqua Vitae produces very powerful, magnetic and sexual vibes. It gets the attention of some of the most beautiful women in the room. When women are in your presence, they’ll stare so hard that you’ll wonder if you have a “look at me” sign stuck to your chest.

But don’t let this stop you from purchasing this amazing product. This is just one of the effects that Aqua Vitae produces.

The effects of Aqua Vitae will only last for a certain amount of time. This means you must close the deal quickly before the effects wear off. As a beginner, you’ll probably be so glad to have women look in your direction. But remember, nothing happens unless you take the next step and ask her for a date, or even more.

Aqua Vitae is a very difficult product to use, but I personally think it is one of the most sexually intense pheromone products on the market. Why? It’s difficult if you are not used to being an alpha male. You’ll have a hard time taking advantage of the many opportunities that come your way. Basically, when Aqua Vitae starts working for you, you must act quickly. It is wonderful for getting a woman to the next level, but not if you don’t take action.


Women will stare. Walk past them and they will stare. Stand across the room from them and they will stare. The best part is that when you look back, they won’t look away. She may look out the corner of her eyes or take a quick glance at you, but she’s going to eventually lock eyes with you. If you like her, then it’s a good thing. But be forewarned. Aqua Vitae also impacts women you aren’t attracted to.

You’ll get dazed responses from her at first. Once you finally meet and talk to her, she might have a starry-eyed or dazed look on her face. This is probably because she’s shocked that you’re paying her attention.

You’ll see other indicators of interest. For instance, she’ll flip her hair or touch you affectionately. In addition, you may notice intense eye contact or dilated pupils. You’ve probably seen these things before, but Aqua Vitae increases the frequency and makes them more obvious.

You’ll have to get used to loads of attention. But none of this means a thing if you don’t use it to your advantage. You must make your move and seal the deal. You’ll get attention, but it will also fade if you don’t work quickly.

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