Chikara Pheromone Cologne Review

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Recently I found myself researching a variety of pheromone products for a friend that needed a little help in the dating department. Over the course of my research, I learned about several products that were purported to work well, one of which was Chikara.

Chikara seemed like an interesting product, but I was concerned by the lack of data on their sales page, and whether or not such a small bottle could make a difference. They claimed to have some of the best results in the business, but because I’m a natural skeptic, I wasn’t buying it.

Still, my friend was in need, so I began to test for myself whether Chikara was a scam or not. Read on the following Chikara Review.


chikaraChikara is a product of Love Scent, a Colorado company that sells a variety of scented and unscented pheromones.

One of the things that struck me, as I browsed their product categories, was that they had some of the most fascinating user forums I’d experience while doing my research.

Inside those forums, I found a wealth of Chikara reviews, and some great research information, which I’ll share in just a bit.

As for the product itself, it comes in a few varieties, such as scented and unscented, but also in combination products where it’s mixed with other pheromone compounds.

How It Works

Like many of the other products in its category, Chikara claims a proprietary blend of pheromones, including four that have never been used before in a product of this type. Some of the major components of Chikara are Androstenone, Androstenol, and Androsterone. In total, their formula contains seven pheromones, mixed together in a way said to stimulate attraction between men and women.

One of the benefits of Chikara, as opposed to other products, is that it lasts for up to six hours per single use, which means you’ll get much more for your money. They do this by concentrating the compound in a special type of ethanol to make it last longer, and according to the reviews, it seems to work. Learn more at

Each order of Chikara comes in a 10ml bottle with 10mg of pheromone compound inside.

Chikara Reviews

According to my research, Chikara is a good product, but many people prefer the scented version to the unscented version. Also, it appears to be hit and miss on its own, meaning that in some cases it’s better to mix it with additional products, such as Scent of Eros. However, on its own, in small doses, it still seems to do the trick.

One user ran a secret experiment on his friends:

“Funnily enough I applied a smidge of Scent of Eros, The Edge and Chikara to three different pieces of paper (with a letter to remind me which was which in pencil) and asked my friends which “cologne” sample they liked best. Chikara was 1st or 2nd with all my friends and my one mate went nuts for the stuff; thought it was brilliant.”

And from another:

“I am 22 as well.I’ve had incredible success with Chikara. Hands down it’s the only successful product I think that works for me.I have everything else.I use one spray to the neck, if I go to a bar/club I put two sprays on.I’m fit and tall.Sometimes I’ll put Soe on the wrists, but overall you got a great starting point”

Here are my own thoughts on the product.


  • Cheaper than many of its competitors
  • Comes scented, unscented, and mixed
  • Plenty of user reviews and research
  • Contains three of the most popular pheromones


  • Can generate the opposite effect if applied too liberally
  • Unscented version less effective
  • Hard to choose which version to buy

The Final Tally

Overall, Chikara seems like a product that works for some, but not for others. Therefore, I can’t give it a 5/5, but I’m happy to recommend it with 4 stars. I recommend trying the scented version, or mixing it with Scent of Eros.

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