How Penis Extenders Work So Good


Penis extension is based on the ancient science of lengthening body parts through stress. One famous example is the Padaung (otherwise known as Kayan) people of Burma. Also known as giraffe women, the Padaung lengthened their necks for centuries, symbolizing their rich, cultural heritage. Using tight, golden coils, they fastened it around their neck, one by one. Once the neck lengthened, they added more coils, stressing the neck continuously, making it ‘grow’. It lengthened due to stress from outside factors. Scientists base extenders on this same, intimate science.

How Do Penis Extenders Work Specifically?

Penis extenders work by stretching out your penis, putting stress on it and forcing it to grow. This sounds dangerous, but it is actually quite safe. How it really works: Place the extender over your member. Your glans is held firmly in place by a knot-like structure at the end. The extender has two bars that are adjusted to place safe, subtle stress on your penis. This does not hurt — in fact, some men report that it feels pleasurable.

This causes an amazing reaction (and no, not that sort of reaction). By putting stress on your member, the cells in your penis divide. This adds more cells, therefore increasing the length and size. Over a period of time, men notice huger, bigger gains. By months, you will be convinced it works. Men usually notice a bigger, fuller, more erect penis within months. This is how penis extenders basically work. By far, the best extender that works on the market today is SizeGenetics. They have improved the extender model by adding a comfort mechanism, designed to comfortably add gains. Scientists and doctors agree this is the best extender available today, so why don’t you find out if it works for you?

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions you have about penis extenders that we’ve answered.

Are penis extenders better than penis pumps?

Absolutely not. Unlike extenders, pumps forcefully extend your member to unrealistic lengths. The sudden shock hurts your penis instead of lengthening it. It can also cause premature erectile dysfunction. This is not something you want. Extenders gently extend it to the safest length possible.

How fast do penis extenders work?

It works relatively fast, within two to five months. It varies depending on the person, the equipment, and the usage of the device. Currently, the fastest device that gives the biggest gains is SizeGenetics. It is a superior extender created with unique tension-tested technology, which is proven to lengthen a penis safely and quickly.

Can’t penis extenders harm me?

Yes, if used improperly or by using faulty equipment. All extenders come with an instruction manual. It will explain how to properly use the device. Also, extenders must be made from Type 1 Medical Devices. These are top quality devices created and approved by medical doctors. SizeGenetics, the most superior enlargement device on the market, is made from Type 1 Medical Devices. Learn more at

I heard that some extenders use a noose to hold your penis in place. Is this true?

Indeed, some extenders use intrusive nooses to hold your member in place. When extenders blasted into the worldwide market over 10 years ago, noose-types were commonplace. The technology simply was not advanced enough. Unfortunately, this limited gains, cutting off circulation and growth. One company invented a new way to approach this. This company is called SizeGenetics. They created a unique comfort mechanism that gently holds your penis in place. Slip the glans into the mechanism and wear comfortably all day long.

My penis has a very strong curve. Can I still use it?

Yes — in fact, penis extenders such as SizeGenetics corrects these curvatures with precise accuracy. It gently stretches it out, removing the curve safely and quickly.

How do extenders add inches?

It’s based on an ancient practice, practiced by Asians and Africans. It is a tension technique that safely makes anything longer within a short period of times — your earlobes or neck for example. This technique is applied with adding inches to your member. You stretch it out by small intervals. This puts stress on your member, forcing it to grow. This adds inches safely. You add more stress and it grows longer and longer. Soon you’ll have the penis of your dreams, without the aid of surgery or dangerous pills.

What about pills and creams? Can I use them while using that also?

No. Pills and creams are not tested for quality and effectiveness. No reputable extender will make you use this in conjunction with their product. Do not trust any extender that requires you use pills with their product. They are trying to hide the fact that it does not work, and that is something you need to stay away from. Reputable extenders only require you use the extender, such as SizeGenetics. Use only the extender for great, immediate results.

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