Male Edge Review

Male Edge

For those seeking to enlarge the length and the girth of their penis, the internet has a million of selection of different penis enlargement products, all claiming the ability to improve the size of your manhood.

Of all the products available, it is a known fact that penis enlargement devices offer it’s users the greatest value – hands-on, proven clinically and the most effective method of enlarging the penis.


Male EdgeThe Male Edge penis enlargement kit is priced around$169 and $229, depending on your combo selection. Male Edge offers the strongest possible traction of any penis enlargement device by offering an amazing 2,800 grams of traction at the maximum stretch setting.

Every Male Edge package comes with the standard Male Edge device, with some extra accessories that you can add to the combo.

Each order of Male Edge comes with a 2-year warranty. And worry not, the Male Edge will be shipped to you in a discreet plain packaging. A money back guarantee is also provided, which means that if your penis size does not increase in size after fully completing the Male Edge penis enlargement program, you will be refunded double your money back.

How It Works

MaleEdge works on a simple concept of applying continual stretching to your penis. This is achieved by two rods which connect the base of the device and a padded ring which you place around the glans of your penis.

These rods then apply the stretching constantly, which has amazing effects on the inside of your penis. Namely, the cells in your penis get extended and after a while they separate, creating new spaces which are in turn filled in by new cells that are created as a response. As a result of this, the increase in size is permanent and you are given a bigger penis.

The best thing about MaleEdge is that the increase in the size of your penis is achieved without any harmful ingredients and that it is as safe as it is comfortable to wear. Without any problems, you will be able to wear your MaleEdge under the clothes which will provide you with necessary usage time which will be able to give you the result you were looking for – a longer and thicker penis. Learn more at

The Science of Penis Traction

The best way to explain the underlying idea behind Male Edge is to remind you of certain tribal cultures from across the globe. You have probably seen pictures of documentaries about different tribes in Africa and certain cultures from Asia which use different stretching methods in order to elongate certain parts of their bodies.

For instance, there are some cultures in which the women wear rings around their necks which make their necks longer. Or, you have perhaps seen certain pictures from Africa in which lips and earlobes are extended and enlarged by inserting different objects which over time increase the size of these parts of the body.

This is also a practice that has found its way into western medicine. For instance, in certain patients, the doctors try to elongate their legs, for instance. After the surgery, they are fitted with devices which constantly apply stretching to their extremities and thus elongate them. Well, the principle behind Male Edge is virtually the same, only this time, the part of the body that is enlarged by stretching is the male organ.

Namely, Male Edge is a device which includes two rods which apply stretching, or traction to the penis. The amount of force applied can be adjusted depending on the phase of the penis enlargement process, the individual’s constitution and a number of other factors. However, the principle is always the same. A certain amount of traction is applied and it leads to the increase in the size. However, we need to go deeper and explain what happens in the actual tissue in the penis.


It would be pointless to make a penis extender device that relies on the individual wearing it for long periods of time and then have it made uncomfortable. The scientists have gone to great lengths to make sure you can wear this device without even noticing it. Of course, you will need a few days to get used to it, but once you do, you will hardly notice that you are wearing it.

How Long Should You Wear It

Well, the simplest answer would be the longer the better. Namely, it is a continuous process which involves better results the more the device is being used. For instance, if you wear it for two years, the results and the increase in size will be much more substantial than if you use the device for half a year. Learn more at

In any case, you should not use it for less than a year, or the results might not occur sooner than that. In addition to this, you will need to wear the device for at least 66 hours every day in order to achieve the results. Once again, if you wear it for longer than that, you will achieve better results.


So, what are the benefits of using the Male Edge penis enlarger system? The Male Edge penis enlargement device can also be used to treat Peyronie’s Disease, decreasing the amount of penis curvature of between 51% and 92% whilst also offering a 100% success rate.

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