Euro Extender Review

Euro Extender

One of the cheapest and easiest wear-on devices, the Euro Extender is perhaps the best way to help you extend your penis without much discomfort. A smart penis extender, the Euro Extender comes with a comfort strap that allows the wearer to use it for a longer duration of periods and in consequence, better results as well!


The Euro Extender is a penis enlargement product that is comprised of a medically designed traction device to elongate the penis. Produced in Canada, the Euro Extender kit includes a penis traction device, 2 extension bars, extra tension springs, adjustable comfort strap, and more.

It is backed by a 6 month 100% satisfaction guarantee. Results are achieved by increasing the tension throughout the use of tension springs over an extended period of time to stimulate tissue growth.

How It Works

The Euro Extender system accomplishes penis enlargement in three stages:

  • The Euro Extender works by applying a small amount of stress to the skin tissue to expand the interior cavities of the penis. The device is to be worn throughout the day over a period of months to achieve permanent, lasting results.
  • The tissue will be repeatedly broken down and then repaired by the body over time. The end result is a longer and thicker penis.
  • To enhance erection, the male enlargement pill Sirex is used to increase blood circulation, boost testosterone levels, and improve confidence in the bedroom.
  • Penile exercises are used to improve sexual stamina to make the skin cells more elastic for increased growth.

It should be noted that Sirex is used for increased libido and stronger erections. It will not permanently increase the penis size. There may be some slight discomfort wearing the device for the first day or two. This is normal and normally goes away within a few days. The Euro Extender uses a silicon noose to grip and stretch the penis which is why some tugging discomfort is initially felt.

Unlike Size Genetics, Euro Extender does not have the more superior comfort mechanism design which results in a perfect fit and allows you to wear the device with ease all day. For most users this is not an issue or concern as many users have reported excellent results with Euro Extender and satisfactory comfort.

It’s no secret that continuously-maintained gripping and stretching will make your penis grow longer and thicker. In addition, continued use will stimulate blood flow which can yield enhanced health and performance with the penis.

What can you expect from the Euro Extender?

The Euro Extender is a silicone-based penis extender device that comes with a 1-inch thick strap that helps to minimize pressure on your penis as compared to the standard noose varieties. You could just wear it and sleep throughout the night without feeling any kind of discomfort at all. Learn more at

The Euro Extender is a fully assembled extender with a super-comfort strap that comes along with a cd, instruction manual, comfort pad, and a lifetime guarantee as well. You could choose from one of the two options for Euro Extender – the regular basic model and the gold model which comes with lots of spare parts as well. Classified as a type 1 medical device, the Euro Extender is used by doctors to even help those who undergo penis surgeries to help them with the easier lengthening of their organ.

Benefits of the Euro Extender

The wide straps that come with the Euro Extender traction device help to reduce the pressure on your penis and bring in more comfort for long duration use.

  • This is a high-quality product that when compared to other standard penis extenders are quite cheaply priced.
  • It is an ideal device for those who want a longer penis and yet have very little time to wear it for longer durations. They can easily use it all through the night.
  • It comes with a lifetime guarantee which means that you really get much more than what you pay for.
  • You can expect your penis to grow by nearly 30% within six months of standard wear.
  • It also helps to improve your sexual stamina and drive as well as improves your erection quality.
  • It increases your penis size by nearly 3 inches and also helps in correcting penile curvature.
  • On choosing the gold option, you get a bonus set of pills that can help you to enhance your results. Apart from that, you get a DVD and a male health exercise e-book as well.

There are perhaps very few men who would not want a bigger penis and you can get just that by using the highly developed Euro Extender device. The reviews available from users are very encouraging.

Clinical Studies

Euro Extender was featured in a recent clinical study conducted on men aged 18-34 and 38-85 with over 2000 men as part of the sample. Of the results, the average increase in length was 33% and 35% increase in girth, respectively. The results achieved during the study were considered to be permanent, and there was no loss of any penis size gained.

Euro Extender has received mostly positive reviews from users. Although there may be a slight discomfort for some users the first few days of use, a majority have experienced size gains in as little as 8 weeks. The Euro Extender is recommended to be used by any man that is dealing with confidence issues due to small penis size or is dealing with libido or erection issues that make him self-conscious.

Euro Extender is less expensive than the highly rated Pro Extender system but does not include the added advantage of Vigrx Plus – an all natural penis supplement pill that helps increase blood flow to increase erection size nor does it have the superior comfort and fit of the Size Genetics system.

Regardless, results obtained with just the extender have satisfied a majority of users with gains in some cases up to 3 inches. If your serious about have a big penis and don’t need the added benefits of penis supplements than Euro Extender is an excellent choice.


Since the amount of length you gain is equivalent to the duration you use such devices,it would be your best choice for its ability to be worn for long periods of duration. Euro Extender has sensibly used the ‘principle of traction’ to enable men to have a bright healthy sex life without the usual discomforts of extender devices according to

Euro Extender is THE most efficient way towards penis enlargement – without setting foot in a doctor’s office! You don’t need to consult with anyone, simply make a discreet order from us, and in the privacy of your own home, you will be working your way towards a larger penis!

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