Male Edge Review

Male Edge

For those seeking to enlarge the length and the girth of their penis, the internet has a million of selection of different penis enlargement products, all claiming the ability to improve the size of your manhood.

Of all the products available, it is a known fact that penis enlargement devices offer it’s users the greatest value – hands-on, proven clinically and the most effective method of enlarging the penis.


Male EdgeThe Male Edge penis enlargement kit is priced around$169 and $229, depending on your combo selection. Male Edge offers the strongest possible traction of any penis enlargement device by offering an amazing 2,800 grams of traction at the maximum stretch setting.

Every Male Edge package comes with the standard Male Edge device, with some extra accessories that you can add to the combo.

Each order of Male Edge comes with a 2-year warranty. And worry not, the Male Edge will be shipped to you in a discreet plain packaging. A money back guarantee is also provided, which means that if your penis size does not increase in size after fully completing the Male Edge penis enlargement program, you will be refunded double your money back.

How It Works

MaleEdge works on a simple concept of applying continual stretching to your penis. This is achieved by two rods which connect the base of the device and a padded ring which you place around the glans of your penis.

These rods then apply the stretching constantly, which has amazing effects on the inside of your penis. Namely, the cells in your penis get extended and after a while they separate, creating new spaces which are in turn filled in by new cells that are created as a response. As a result of this, the increase in size is permanent and you are given a bigger penis.

The best thing about MaleEdge is that the increase in the size of your penis is achieved without any harmful ingredients and that it is as safe as it is comfortable to wear. Without any problems, you will be able to wear your MaleEdge under the clothes which will provide you with necessary usage time which will be able to give you the result you were looking for – a longer and thicker penis. Learn more at

The Science of Penis Traction

The best way to explain the underlying idea behind Male Edge is to remind you of certain tribal cultures from across the globe. You have probably seen pictures of documentaries about different tribes in Africa and certain cultures from Asia which use different stretching methods in order to elongate certain parts of their bodies.

For instance, there are some cultures in which the women wear rings around their necks which make their necks longer. Or, you have perhaps seen certain pictures from Africa in which lips and earlobes are extended and enlarged by inserting different objects which over time increase the size of these parts of the body.

This is also a practice that has found its way into western medicine. For instance, in certain patients, the doctors try to elongate their legs, for instance. After the surgery, they are fitted with devices which constantly apply stretching to their extremities and thus elongate them. Well, the principle behind Male Edge is virtually the same, only this time, the part of the body that is enlarged by stretching is the male organ.

Namely, Male Edge is a device which includes two rods which apply stretching, or traction to the penis. The amount of force applied can be adjusted depending on the phase of the penis enlargement process, the individual’s constitution and a number of other factors. However, the principle is always the same. A certain amount of traction is applied and it leads to the increase in the size. However, we need to go deeper and explain what happens in the actual tissue in the penis.


It would be pointless to make a penis extender device that relies on the individual wearing it for long periods of time and then have it made uncomfortable. The scientists have gone to great lengths to make sure you can wear this device without even noticing it. Of course, you will need a few days to get used to it, but once you do, you will hardly notice that you are wearing it.

How Long Should You Wear It

Well, the simplest answer would be the longer the better. Namely, it is a continuous process which involves better results the more the device is being used. For instance, if you wear it for two years, the results and the increase in size will be much more substantial than if you use the device for half a year. Learn more at

In any case, you should not use it for less than a year, or the results might not occur sooner than that. In addition to this, you will need to wear the device for at least 66 hours every day in order to achieve the results. Once again, if you wear it for longer than that, you will achieve better results.


So, what are the benefits of using the Male Edge penis enlarger system? The Male Edge penis enlargement device can also be used to treat Peyronie’s Disease, decreasing the amount of penis curvature of between 51% and 92% whilst also offering a 100% success rate.

ProExtender Review: Does It Work?


Did you grow up having a lack of self-confidence because of your tiny penis? Did you feel that you couldn`t just get any girl? Well, you know what? All that you`re feeling is normal. Having a low self-esteem has become a real problem amongst men especially those who have a small penis.

Since the beginning of time, even in tribes, having a big penis was thought of as being manlier. Until today, our society has still continued to carry on with that same mentality. Today, however, we are surrounded by lots of different kinds of penis enlargement methods that it is impossible not to grow your penis the way you`d like. So really, in just a short while, you can kiss your small penis goodbye and say hello to your new big buddy.

About Penis Extenders

One particular method that recently emerged in the market is penis extenders. This is a device meant to lengthen the penis by the use of a traction method. It is said to be painless and the results will be seen slowly.


A popular penis extender is Proextender which is designed to provide gentle and painless traction to the penis which will gradually result in a longer, wider penis.

This device is meant to solve problems with penis length, penis girth, as well as a crooked penis. This device was designed in 1993 by John Ege Siana, a specialist in General and Plastic Surgery.

There are also some disadvantages to the Proextender. In essence, you would have to wear this most of the day under your pants so it could get uncomfortable. Also, every time you urinate, you would have to remove it and put it back on. This can pose a problem for some. If you are thinking of being in stealth mode with growing your penis, the Proextender can squeal on you. It will be difficult to hide this device as whatever you do it is proof that you are trying to enlarge your penis.

How Does it Work

ProextenderThe ProExtender uses the principle of traction in order to increase the length and the girth of the penis. It works on the principle that the body has a natural ability to multiple cells and to develop under physical force. In this way, the tissue mass is increased and so is the size of the penis. This technique is not at all new; it has been used for a lot of centuries to increase different parts of the human body.

The ProExtender does not only increase the length and the girth of the penis, but it also treats Peyronie’s disease (the curvature of the penis). There are no side effects associated with the use of ProExtender and the results one gets after using it are permanent. The increase of the penis depends on the time one wears the device and the pressure which is involved. Learn more at

This device is made up of a plastic ring which is placed around the base of the penis and a silicone holder around the head of the penis. Between these two pieces, there are two metallic bars which apply a variable tension to the penis. The tension is controlled by the person who wears it.


ProExtender can be used anytime and anywhere depending on the program of the person who wears it and one can even take a break wearing it without affecting the results he has got so far. This device promises the customer an average increase in the length of 24% and of 19% in girth. The owner’s manual is translated into 5 languages and it is available all over the world.

It contains a description of the components and the way in which they should be assembled, the material they contain, plus ways of cleaning the equipment. ProExtender promises its customers privacy and security and the guarantee of a money refund if you don’t see any results. The only condition to the money return is that you have to use the extender for minimum 30 days.


If you order online, you will receive your device in a discreet package without any inscriptions revealing what is inside so your privacy will be protected. The online ordering is quick, easy to use and absolutely safe because our secure server protects completely your personal information. Just follow the instructions.

All About Penis Enlargement Devices

Penis Enlargement Devices

If you are trying to find ways to enlarge your penis, you are probably confused on which method to use in ensuring that an increase in size will take place. There are several methods to penis enlargement but one particular method that has been advertised frequently is penis enlargement devices.


Penis enlargement devices are different contraptions used to increase penis size. One of the devices is known as penis enlargement extenders. An enlargement extender is a device worn on your penis to stretch it out resulting in an increase in length. These can be worn anytime under your pants and won`t be noticed at all.

Also, it might sound painful that your penis is being stretched by this device but apparently it is completely painless and you won`t even feel a thing. However, the downside to this is that every time you feel the need to go to the bathroom, you have to keep removing the device and putting it back on. So if you are one who urinates frequently, this probably isn`t the best method for you.

The four major penis enhancement methods are penis enlargement exercises, penis enlargement devices, penis enlargement surgery and of course, penis enlargement supplements.


The first method to penis enhancement exercises. These exercises are the oldest forms known to make your penis bigger. They have been around for centuries which show their effectiveness in enhancing penis size. Amongst the exercises, the oldest known form is jelqing also known as “milking.” This is done by a “milking” motion to the penis so that blood circulation will increase and flow to the penis.

This will result in a larger appearance of the penis and if performed regularly, length and girth of the penis will increase. Another exercise is known as the penis stretching, wherein the penis is stretched by allowing the cells to grow further apart allowing the size of the penis to increase eventually.

Penis Pumps

BathmateAnother one of the penis enlargement devices are penis pumps. Penis pumps are shaped like a cylinder with a pump attached to it for suction. There are some pumps that are manual or motorized and this works by putting the cylinder on top of your penis and starting the pump to create suction.

The way these pumps function is by producing suction around the penis to bring blood to the penis chambers. There is no actual proof that penis pumps work in increasing penis size. Rather, it has been studied that instead of having a growth in penis size, there might be complications with using this device such as disrupting blood circulation to the penis.

From the two, it is clear that penis pumps are out of the picture. Unless you are interested in causing trouble for your penis, you should completely eliminate that method. If you are considering penis extenders, perhaps you should think twice, especially if you are someone who will be bothered with wearing a penis extender under your pants. Learn more at

Really, from the two penis enlargement devices, there aren`t any that will give you the full potential of penis growth. A penis enlargement method that is easy, effective and safe is male enhancement pills.


The third method is penis enlargement surgery which is not recommended. It is the most expensive and risky of all methods and frankly doesn`t seem to achieve the desired results by many. There are two surgeries that can be done to enhance the penis which is to increase penis length or to increase penis girth.


Lastly, the easiest and safest method of all is penis enhancement pills. These pills prove to grow the size of your penis and so much more. It does this by increasing blood flow to the penis thus growing the penis in size.

Pills are simple as you don`t have to wear anything at all. All you need is to drink it once a day and watch your penis grow. Aside from an increase in penis size, enlargement pills also assure other results that can`t be achieved by penis enlargement devices.

Aside from natural male enhancement pills being safer, they also prevent you from experiencing side effects that you may get from the use of pills with chemical components. These side effects include a headache, blurred vision, dizziness, indigestion, and congestions. If you feel that your body system is sensitive to chemical formulas, then you should certainly stick to all natural penis enhancers.

Penis pills promise practically the same results which are the extended erection, strengthened sexual stamina, intensified orgasm, better sex drive, prevention of premature ejaculation, as well as an increase in penis size. They achieve these results by increasing the blood flow to your penis, thus making it bigger through length and width.

These all natural penis enhancers are actually a mixture of various herbs known for making a stronger and bigger penis by increasing blood circulation in the genitals. This increase in blood circulation causes harder erections and better sexual performance. With achieving these results, you will feel more manly and strong as well as experience a boost in confidence with all your sexual partners.


There are several methods of penis enhancement out there that you can take your pick. If you are so concerned about your penis size then why not do them all? Ha-ha. That would probably be overkill so your best bet is to find a method that is suitable for you and your penis.

SizeGenetics Review: What Makes It the Best


In this article, I review SizeGenetics.

About Penis Traction

Penis traction is based on the ancient art of body lengthening, combined with modern science to deliver a complete package. The Paduang, a group of people in Burma, have used this technSizeGenetics Innovationique for thousands of years. They lengthen their neck using the science of tension-lengthening. When a body part is stretched out, putting it under mild stress, the cells divide, creating more matter to accommodate for the stress. This essentially grows out that body part to reduce the stress on it. SizeGenetics uses that same science.

There is a unique advantage when lengthening your penis with this technique. As you put stress on the penis, it lengthens. It also creates more room for blood, increasing blood flow to your penis. Not only do you gain length, but you gain girth and harder erections.

You’re probably wondering: Don’t weights do that also? Unfortunately, it doesn’t. In fact, using weights to lengthen your penis is extremely dangerous. You risk tearing off your glans and severely debilitating any use. This is extremely painful. Weights fail because they use too much tension, tension your penis cannot handle.

How It Works

SizeGenetics uses a precise tension technique, developed by Dr. Jorn Ege Siana. He is the creator of the SizeGenetics penis extender. Based on techniques old and new, he formulated a new penis extender, designed to give you the biggest gains safely and effectively according to

Remember, this extender has the CE Mark of approval. This means it was reviewed by a panel of experts, and it passed with flying colors. You can trust this extender to give you all the gains you need.

Be careful of other extenders that claim to use this same technology. Dr. Jorn Ege Siana specifically made the SizeGenetics penis extender exclusively for SizeGenetics – no one else replicated this precise technology. This exclusive extender is only available through the official SizeGenetics website.

  • Improved science quickly extends your penis to new lengths
  • SizeGenetics also has a patented comfort mechanism that safely holds your penis in place. No other extender uses this comfort mechanism.
  • Let’s compare the patented comfort mechanism to a regular noose strap.
  • SizeGenetics Comfort Mechanism

Superior Comfort

SizeGeneticsThis is your typical noose strap. As you can see, it cuts into the glans, cutting off circulation. Most extenders use this outdated type because it’s cheaper for them. Unfortunately, it will risk the safety and growth of your penis. You won’t gain any inches with this out of date extender.

This is the comfort mechanism used exclusively with SizeGenetics. As you can see, this doesn’t cut into the penis or inhibit blood flow. Instead, it gently holds it in place. This is by far a superior extender according to

Remember, SizeGenetics is backed up by top professionals, including plastic surgeon Dr. Finn Worm Knudsen. He is confident in the potency of this extender and recommends it to his patients.
Enough of the doctors, though! You’re probably interested how regular people, just like yourself, are seeing results with this miracle penis extender. Thousands and thousands of men are sending in their photos and thanking SizeGenetics for improving their life.

“I had grown an inch in length and 1/2 inch in girth and now was standing at 7 inches in length and 5 1/2 inches in girth.”

After I did this measurement I decided to take a few months off. After returning to my exercises I measure once again and my gains were exactly the same and now I am continuing my gains with a gain of .5 inches to my length to make me 7 1/2 inches after my first two months back on the programme.”

“In conclusion, to all the disbelievers on penis enlargement just ask me and I will tell you that it works. Now with my new penis, I have an amazing girlfriend and a self-esteem that I thought I would never have.”

You don’t need doctors to tell you that this is the most effective penis enlargement system available today. Thousands and thousands of men are experiencing these wonderful benefits.
Better yet, SizeGenetics is covered by a 6-month money back guarantee. If you follow the instructions and gain no inches, simply return the product for a full refund.
See how men like you are increasing their length with SizeGenetics™.
The best, most complete extender system available today

What You Get

Remember, you’re not just getting a penis extender with your order. You’re also getting a complete extender system, including:

  • SizeGenetics Instructional DVD
  • Travel Case
  • Free PenisHealth DVD
  • Free Access to PenisHealth’s exclusive member’s area
  • Free Better Sex Guide DVDs
  • Online access to LoveCentria, recently featured by the New York Times
  • Huge discounts on penis supplemental products
  • Free lifetime membership to Men’s Forte Magazine’s
  • Free Seduction Secrets Ebook
  • Free Better Fitness Ebook


Could you ask for any more? SizeGenetics is the best extender on the market today – and yes, you’re getting all these goodies as well. Ready to start seeing inches? Buy SizeGenetics through the exclusive website. Click the link below to visit.

How Penis Extenders Work So Good


Penis extension is based on the ancient science of lengthening body parts through stress. One famous example is the Padaung (otherwise known as Kayan) people of Burma. Also known as giraffe women, the Padaung lengthened their necks for centuries, symbolizing their rich, cultural heritage. Using tight, golden coils, they fastened it around their neck, one by one. Once the neck lengthened, they added more coils, stressing the neck continuously, making it ‘grow’. It lengthened due to stress from outside factors. Scientists base extenders on this same, intimate science.

How Do Penis Extenders Work Specifically?

Penis extenders work by stretching out your penis, putting stress on it and forcing it to grow. This sounds dangerous, but it is actually quite safe. How it really works: Place the extender over your member. Your glans is held firmly in place by a knot-like structure at the end. The extender has two bars that are adjusted to place safe, subtle stress on your penis. This does not hurt — in fact, some men report that it feels pleasurable.

This causes an amazing reaction (and no, not that sort of reaction). By putting stress on your member, the cells in your penis divide. This adds more cells, therefore increasing the length and size. Over a period of time, men notice huger, bigger gains. By months, you will be convinced it works. Men usually notice a bigger, fuller, more erect penis within months. This is how penis extenders basically work. By far, the best extender that works on the market today is SizeGenetics. They have improved the extender model by adding a comfort mechanism, designed to comfortably add gains. Scientists and doctors agree this is the best extender available today, so why don’t you find out if it works for you?

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions you have about penis extenders that we’ve answered.

Are penis extenders better than penis pumps?

Absolutely not. Unlike extenders, pumps forcefully extend your member to unrealistic lengths. The sudden shock hurts your penis instead of lengthening it. It can also cause premature erectile dysfunction. This is not something you want. Extenders gently extend it to the safest length possible.

How fast do penis extenders work?

It works relatively fast, within two to five months. It varies depending on the person, the equipment, and the usage of the device. Currently, the fastest device that gives the biggest gains is SizeGenetics. It is a superior extender created with unique tension-tested technology, which is proven to lengthen a penis safely and quickly.

Can’t penis extenders harm me?

Yes, if used improperly or by using faulty equipment. All extenders come with an instruction manual. It will explain how to properly use the device. Also, extenders must be made from Type 1 Medical Devices. These are top quality devices created and approved by medical doctors. SizeGenetics, the most superior enlargement device on the market, is made from Type 1 Medical Devices. Learn more at

I heard that some extenders use a noose to hold your penis in place. Is this true?

Indeed, some extenders use intrusive nooses to hold your member in place. When extenders blasted into the worldwide market over 10 years ago, noose-types were commonplace. The technology simply was not advanced enough. Unfortunately, this limited gains, cutting off circulation and growth. One company invented a new way to approach this. This company is called SizeGenetics. They created a unique comfort mechanism that gently holds your penis in place. Slip the glans into the mechanism and wear comfortably all day long.

My penis has a very strong curve. Can I still use it?

Yes — in fact, penis extenders such as SizeGenetics corrects these curvatures with precise accuracy. It gently stretches it out, removing the curve safely and quickly.

How do extenders add inches?

It’s based on an ancient practice, practiced by Asians and Africans. It is a tension technique that safely makes anything longer within a short period of times — your earlobes or neck for example. This technique is applied with adding inches to your member. You stretch it out by small intervals. This puts stress on your member, forcing it to grow. This adds inches safely. You add more stress and it grows longer and longer. Soon you’ll have the penis of your dreams, without the aid of surgery or dangerous pills.

What about pills and creams? Can I use them while using that also?

No. Pills and creams are not tested for quality and effectiveness. No reputable extender will make you use this in conjunction with their product. Do not trust any extender that requires you use pills with their product. They are trying to hide the fact that it does not work, and that is something you need to stay away from. Reputable extenders only require you use the extender, such as SizeGenetics. Use only the extender for great, immediate results.

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