SizeGenetics Review: What Makes It the Best


In this article, I review SizeGenetics.

About Penis Traction

Penis traction is based on the ancient art of body lengthening, combined with modern science to deliver a complete package. The Paduang, a group of people in Burma, have used this technSizeGenetics Innovationique for thousands of years. They lengthen their neck using the science of tension-lengthening. When a body part is stretched out, putting it under mild stress, the cells divide, creating more matter to accommodate for the stress. This essentially grows out that body part to reduce the stress on it. SizeGenetics uses that same science.

There is a unique advantage when lengthening your penis with this technique. As you put stress on the penis, it lengthens. It also creates more room for blood, increasing blood flow to your penis. Not only do you gain length, but you gain girth and harder erections.

You’re probably wondering: Don’t weights do that also? Unfortunately, it doesn’t. In fact, using weights to lengthen your penis is extremely dangerous. You risk tearing off your glans and severely debilitating any use. This is extremely painful. Weights fail because they use too much tension, tension your penis cannot handle.

How It Works

SizeGenetics uses a precise tension technique, developed by Dr. Jorn Ege Siana. He is the creator of the SizeGenetics penis extender. Based on techniques old and new, he formulated a new penis extender, designed to give you the biggest gains safely and effectively according to

Remember, this extender has the CE Mark of approval. This means it was reviewed by a panel of experts, and it passed with flying colors. You can trust this extender to give you all the gains you need.

Be careful of other extenders that claim to use this same technology. Dr. Jorn Ege Siana specifically made the SizeGenetics penis extender exclusively for SizeGenetics – no one else replicated this precise technology. This exclusive extender is only available through the official SizeGenetics website.

  • Improved science quickly extends your penis to new lengths
  • SizeGenetics also has a patented comfort mechanism that safely holds your penis in place. No other extender uses this comfort mechanism.
  • Let’s compare the patented comfort mechanism to a regular noose strap.
  • SizeGenetics Comfort Mechanism

Superior Comfort

SizeGeneticsThis is your typical noose strap. As you can see, it cuts into the glans, cutting off circulation. Most extenders use this outdated type because it’s cheaper for them. Unfortunately, it will risk the safety and growth of your penis. You won’t gain any inches with this out of date extender.

This is the comfort mechanism used exclusively with SizeGenetics. As you can see, this doesn’t cut into the penis or inhibit blood flow. Instead, it gently holds it in place. This is by far a superior extender according to

Remember, SizeGenetics is backed up by top professionals, including plastic surgeon Dr. Finn Worm Knudsen. He is confident in the potency of this extender and recommends it to his patients.
Enough of the doctors, though! You’re probably interested how regular people, just like yourself, are seeing results with this miracle penis extender. Thousands and thousands of men are sending in their photos and thanking SizeGenetics for improving their life.

“I had grown an inch in length and 1/2 inch in girth and now was standing at 7 inches in length and 5 1/2 inches in girth.”

After I did this measurement I decided to take a few months off. After returning to my exercises I measure once again and my gains were exactly the same and now I am continuing my gains with a gain of .5 inches to my length to make me 7 1/2 inches after my first two months back on the programme.”

“In conclusion, to all the disbelievers on penis enlargement just ask me and I will tell you that it works. Now with my new penis, I have an amazing girlfriend and a self-esteem that I thought I would never have.”

You don’t need doctors to tell you that this is the most effective penis enlargement system available today. Thousands and thousands of men are experiencing these wonderful benefits.
Better yet, SizeGenetics is covered by a 6-month money back guarantee. If you follow the instructions and gain no inches, simply return the product for a full refund.
See how men like you are increasing their length with SizeGenetics™.
The best, most complete extender system available today

What You Get

Remember, you’re not just getting a penis extender with your order. You’re also getting a complete extender system, including:

  • SizeGenetics Instructional DVD
  • Travel Case
  • Free PenisHealth DVD
  • Free Access to PenisHealth’s exclusive member’s area
  • Free Better Sex Guide DVDs
  • Online access to LoveCentria, recently featured by the New York Times
  • Huge discounts on penis supplemental products
  • Free lifetime membership to Men’s Forte Magazine’s
  • Free Seduction Secrets Ebook
  • Free Better Fitness Ebook


Could you ask for any more? SizeGenetics is the best extender on the market today – and yes, you’re getting all these goodies as well. Ready to start seeing inches? Buy SizeGenetics through the exclusive website. Click the link below to visit.

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