X4 Labs Penis Extender: What Makes It Great?

X4 Labs

In this article, I review the X4 Labs penis extender.

What is unique about the X4 Labs penis stretcher?

As far as I’m aware of, most people, when they browse all over the internet at penis enlargement device review sites, usually they don’t notice any differences when they browse among hundreds of penis extender device, most of them looking very similar to their eyes. However, these its penis enlargement devices do have its uniqueness of its own, the amount of time and money spent on researching it and the accreditation behind it.

Hybrid Traction System

While other similar penis enlargement devices come with either straps or silicone tubes, the X4 penis extender is the only penis extender on the market to offer it’s user TWIN methods of penis support and this new unique feature is only available from X4 Labs. You can learn more at

The Hybrid Traction System will provide the following benefits:

  • Increase in grip and traction, it will hold the penis firmer but with that gentle touch feel
  • Improved blood circulation around the penis, not choking it like other penis stretchers do
  • Maximum comfort level to the user

With the introduction of the exclusive Hybrid Traction System, you can rest assured that you are using the world’s most advanced and easy-to-use penis enlargement device.

Why I Like It

X4 Labs ResultsWhen we think of male enhancement devices, perhaps the name that strikes most is the X4 Labs penis extender. A lot of research and investigation has gone into making the X4Labs medical device that provides men with a way to enhance the size of their penis or cure the curves in their penile shape including the Peyronie’s disease. This is a totally non-invasive technique that helps men to get their desired longer penis without having to go under the knife.

According to the market reviews, X4 Labs is one of the most leading penis extenders available today. This outstanding traction device from X4 Labs actually gives you results by applying gentle force on the surface of the penis. What this does is actually utilize the natural regeneration ability of the body to give you a cellular division – both on the inside as well as the outside of the penile. The end result is that you get a longer and bigger penis – just the one any man would be proud to possess at the end of the day.

Evidence shows that by regularly using the X4Labs Extender men have actually seen an increase in the length of their penis of about 2-3 inches. Also at the same time, they saw an increase of 35%-50% in the girth of their penis. These effects are permanent and also their natural design enables correction of any abnormal curves in the penis. Finally, it helps to improve their sex life by bringing in more confidence into their sex activities. Learn more at

What You Get

Along with the traction device from X4 Labs, you get an instructional video CD, a free E-book, an instructional booklet, their RSS feeds, as well an access to their company website as well. The CD that comes along with the extender teaches you some points on the art of seductive sex positions.

What you actually get with the total package from X4Labs is:

  • X4 Labs is guaranteed to give you better results.
  • You can see visibly more gains with the X4 Labs Extender.
  • X4Labs helps with faster enlargement of your penis.
  • There are absolutely no side effects that can be associated with the X4Labs.
  • The gain of the length and width of your penis from the use of X4Labs is permanent.
  • X4 Labs is the most comfortable device that can help get your desired penis without any discomfort of long painful procedures.
  • Preliminary test reports show that by using it you can see improvement in mild cases of erectile dysfunction.
  • X4 Labs is backed up with enough medical evidence and endorsed by doctors as well.

Securing the product is not at all an issue. You may order X4 Labs via online. Some online stores even provide free gifts with purchase of the product. Others offer discounts.


Compared to all their range option, X4 Labs Gold Premium is one of the best things you can invest in since it has got a lifetime guarantee. Finally, it is the hybrid support system of X4Labs that makes it compatible with all body types.

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