The Truth About Pheromone Cologne

These days, people are really talking about pheromone colognes. They have been around since the 90’s, but most people view them as a modern form of snake oil. They have deemed scam products. This is probably because many pheromone product manufacturers claim their products can make women see you as an attractive alpha man that can get any woman he wants into bed.

About Pheromones

Since pheromones are gaining in popularity, it means more people are using them and getting good results. This is why we wanted some of our male friends to try a few of these products and see if they work.

But let’s talk about the science of pheromones first. They are natural chemicals that humans produce and secrete via the skin when we sweat. When your natural scent is detected by others, it subconsciously tells others what to think about you.

It alerts them to whether or not you are an intimidating, sociable or a high-status type of guy. This explains why you get good or bad vibes from others. This is otherwise known as “having good chemistry with another person.” Learn how they work at

Pheromones in Colognes

So now, let’s talk about actual pheromone products. We researched a few good websites and ordered products from PXS, Alpha Dream, and Liquid Alchemy Labs. Now, we really didn’t think these types of products worked, but we still wanted to test them.

We researched pheromones more and discovered plenty of studies that proved their effectiveness. For instance, women are impacted physiologically to pheromones such as androstadienone. It raises their cortisol levels, and they tend to find men 10 percent more attractive.

Complex Formulas

But we ordered complex formulas. This may be why they didn’t have a good reputation at first. Pheromone technology has changed greatly over the last couple of years.

When we received our products, we did a test run. Alpha Dream says that their product, Alfa Maschio, is designed for bad boys. It makes women see you as a good-looking alpha guy who is far superior to they are.

One of our friends spritzed a few drops of this product and went to a local nightclub. He says he received far more attention from women when he was wearing it than when he wasn’t. He also says this product made him feel like an alpha male.

This is probably because of the cologne’s ingredients. He says he gave off dominant and smooth vibes. However, he says women were intimidated by him at first. But after he talked with them over time, they liked him more than ever.

Wow! This really impressed us. There are also plenty of pheromone products for women. We’ll be testing those as well very soon. Until then, we’re going to monitor pheromone technology.

I’m an Uber driver, and I’ve been exposing my passengers to pheromones. I’ve mostly used the ones that contain androstadienone because of its effect on women. You can learn more at

I’ve known for a long time that androstadienone has a better effect on emotionally mature women, and a lack of androstadienone works better on women who aren’t mature.

If you aren’t familiar with androstadienone, it is a very potent pheromone, and it triggers very intense feelings in women. Why do I like to run these tests? I live near a college and I have met 3 to 4 different types of women. Below, I will talk about how androstadienone affects 2 specific types of women.

Woman Type #1

This type of woman is very emotionally immature. She is usually in her early to mid-20’s. This type of woman is easy to pick out because she behaves so unpredictably. She’s all touchy feely until you try to take things to the next level emotionally.

When dealing with this type of woman, I like to use pheromone products that give off social, fun or flirty vibes. These are products such as True Love (True Pheromones), XiSt, Nude or Voodoo. These products don’t contain androstadienone.

I’ve discovered that products with androstadienone work on this type of woman, but it takes longer. Remember, this type of woman usually withdraws, but she comes back later. It takes longer for her to get her feelings in check.

However, this type of woman is sometimes attracted to dominant or aggressive men, but she’s so flaky when it comes to relationships. Many times, she just wants to have a good time and not be in a committed relationship. Products like Evolve-XS or Bad Wolf work well on this type of woman.

Honestly, I think this type of woman is afraid of commitment. But she also wants a man who can protect and take care of her. This is usually the signature of men who wear androstadienone products. So, this type of woman finds a way to re-insert herself back into your life.

This is a common occurrence among women who can have their pick of any man. They date plenty of men. I really don’t like this type of woman, but maybe one of them may change my mind. But then again, this is really the best time to up your seduction game and use a killer combo such as Nude Alpha and androstadienone to make her even crazier and fall right into your arms. Which leads me to the next type of woman on my list.

Woman Type #2

This type of woman is very mature emotionally. She is looking for a committed relationship. She is probably over 25 years of age. In addition, she is more reserved than normal and much more mature than most younger women.

This type of woman also responds well to pheromone colognes that don’t contain androstadienone, but she won’t develop deep feelings for you at first. I’ve discovered that base mixtures with androstadienone work very well with this type of woman.

Honestly, I think it’s because she wants to be in a committed relationship. She’s not a wild woman trying to date every man she meets. But this also means that you must know what type of woman you are trying to target because she is very well put together physically and emotionally.

If you want to target this type of woman, then use romantic pheromone products such as Nude Alpha combined with androstadienone, Certo or Grail of Affection.

In conclusion, this is what I’ve noticed when testing certain pheromone products. I have also tested Pheromone Advantage, but I didn’t get good results. But I’ll update my findings in the future.

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